Sinoma International Held A General Meeting for Executives’ Appointment and Dismissal



Recently, Sinoma International held a general meeting for executives’ appointment and dismissal. Mr. Cao Jianglin, Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and General Manager of CNBM Group, Party Secretary and Chairman of CNBM Ltd., Fu Jinguang, Deputy Party Secretary of CNBM Limited, Duan Xingliang, head of the Human Resources Dept. of CNBM Ltd., attended the meeting.


Fu Jinguang announced documents of CNBM Ltd. regarding appointment and dismissal of Mr. Yin Zhisong, Mr. Meng Qinglin, Mr. Xia Zhiyun, Mr. Jiang Zhongwen and other executives. Relevant personnel matters have fulfilled the procedure and requirements of Sinoma International's board of directors. Mr. Yin Zhisong was officially appointed as the President of Sinoma International, and Mr. Meng Qinglin was appointed as the Vice President of Sinoma International. Mr. Xia Zhiyun ceased his tenure as the President of Sinoma International and will be appointed in another position. Mr. Jiang Zhongwen ceased his tenure as the Vice President of Sinoma International and will become the Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee. Mr. Zhao Huifeng ceased his tenure as the Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the company.


Cao Jianglin put forward three requirements in his speech.


First, we must raise awareness and unify our thinking and actions with the decisions made by Party Committee of CNBM Group and CNBM Ltd.. Sinoma International is an important platform for the development of CNBM's cement engineering & service division. It has become an outstanding listed company with notable performance, significant growth driven by innovation, and brand influence in the international market. In 2020, while putting pandemic containment protocols in place, the company has made great achievements in steadily promoting production & operation, reform and growth. In the new historical stage, everyone must understand the importance and long-term significance of CNBM’s major decisions of executives’ appointment/dismissal on Sinoma International.


Second, we must value solidarity and take care of the overall situation of the company, and further strengthen team building of the leadership. Each team member of Sinoma International’s leadership must vigorously implement the 20-Chinese character standard proposed by General Secretary Xi Jinping to the leaders of SOEs, remember in heart CNBM’s code of conduct for managers of "respect, gratitude, courtesy, and honesty", and promote CNBM's core values ??of "innovation, performance, harmony, and responsibility".


Third, we must earnestly fulfill the responsibility of administering the party in a strict and all-round way, and build an honest party in the company. The leadership team of Sinoma International shall, under the leadership of the party committees of CNBM Group and CNBM Ltd., consciously strengthen political responsibility and accountability, take the lead in implementing the spirit of the important instructions of General Secretary Jinping and the decisions and deployments of the Central Party Committee and the State Council, and implement the requirements of strict party governance to the reform and development of the company.


Finally, he pointed out that Sinoma International is in a critical period of new historical development. He hopes that the leadership of Sinoma International will lead the managers and employees to thoroughly study and implement Xi Jinping’s thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, the spirit of the 19th National Congress of CPC, and the work requirements given by the party building conference of national SOEs. We should strengthen our confidence, seek progress while maintaining stability, and innovate to make new and greater contributions to building CNBM Group into a world-class material industry investment group with global competitiveness.


In his remarks, Yin Zhisong expressed his gratitude to the company's trust and employees' support. He said that facing new position and new responsibilities, he needs to realign his role to set off on a new journey of corporate growth. Looking forward, he put forward four points. First, we must improve our political position, and always keep in mind the party's tenet and discipline, setting an example of integrity for others. Second, we must unswervingly and uncompromisingly implement CNBM Group’s “4335” guiding principle and internationalization strategy, carry out various strategic deployments of CNBM Ltd. and Sinoma International, and firmly promote the company's high-quality development. Third, he needs to strengthen learning and effectively improve  his capabilities of political leadership, scientific decision-making, mass work, risk response, reform and innovation, and implementation & execution. Last but not least, he said that with the strong support of leaders from CNBM Group and CNBM Ltd., and the efforts of all managers and employees, Sinoma International will be able to successfully complete its new glorious mission and achieve new development.


The meeting was presided over by the company's Chairman and Party Secretary Mr. Liu Yan, who made three statements on behalf of the leadership team. First, we will resolutely support the decision of CNBM Group and CNBM Ltd.. Second, we will strictly discipline ourselves and lead the company by setting example for others, strive to create a benign atmosphere of entrepreneurship and integrity, and conduct all the work of Sinoma International in a considerate, meticulous and solid manner, hence, achieving the annual business objectives and target. Third, we will earnestly implement the strategy, culture, business policy and management principles of CNBM Group, and carry out the important instructions given by the superiors to the work of Sinoma International. We will forge ahead against challenges though mounted with self-imposed pressure, define company strategy, and promote reform and innovation, so that facilitating each work to embark on a new level and making greater contributions to the realization of CNBM’s strategic goals.

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