Mr. Cao Jianglin Attending Managers’ Conference of Sinoma Intl.



As of July 27, Sinoma International held a managers’ conference. Mr. Cao Jianglin, Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and General Manager of CNBM Group, Party Secretary and Chairman of CNBM Ltd., Miao Xiaoling, Vice Chairman of the Labor Union and Director of the Party Organization Dept. (Human Resources Dept.) of CNBM Group, Fu Jinguang, Deputy Party Secretary and Vice President of CNBM Limited, Duan Xingliang, head of the Human Resources Dept., attended the meeting. The company's full-level corporate leadership team members and managers above the middle level in the headquarter attended the meeting.



In the meeting, Fu Jinguang read out the managers’ appointment and dismissal documents of CNBM Ltd., announcing that Mr. Liu Yan will become a member and Secretary of the Party Committee of Sinoma Intl., and Mr. Liu Yan was nominated as Director, Chairman and Legal Representative of Sinoma Intl..


In his speech, Mr. Cao Jianglin pointed out that Sinoma Intl. is a backbone company under the umbrella of CNBM Group and CNBM Limited, and an important platform for the group’s engineering & technology service division. The company’s market share in cement engineering industry has remained the world’s number one for many years. Strong market competitiveness and brand influence have been cultivated. At present, Sinoma International is in a critical period of new historical development. All the managers must further raise awareness, unify thoughts and actions to the decision of CNBM Group and CNBM Limited, further strengthen team building, enhance learning, and earnestly practice General Secretary Xi Jinping’s  20 Chinese characters’ standard for corporate managers. We must strive to enhance the cohesion of the management team, improve managers’ ability in governing the company, focus on tapping the potential of cost reduction and efficiency enhancement, focus on building the influence of engineering services, and make more contributions to the growth of CNBM Group and CNBM Ltd..



Mr. Liu Yan expressed his gratitude for the trust given by the organization, and conveyed the important instructions and ardent expectations of CNBM Chairman Mr. Zhou Yuxian and CNBM General Manager Mr. Cao Jianglin to Sinoma International in their talks before he taking office. He proposed to further strengthen learning and take due responsibility. He will work together with the management team and all the employees, defining a clear positioning of the company to set off a new journey, leading Sinoma International to become the pioneer of CNBM’s internationalization strategy, and become the main force in developing intelligent, digital, green, and high-end growth in CNBM’s cement industry. We will forge Sinoma International a world-renowned first-class brand. We will jointly complete the mission and tasks assigned by CNBM Group and CNBM Ltd., thus, making greater contributions to the group.


The meeting was presided by Sinoma’s President Mr. Xia Zhiyun. He said that, he firmly upheld the decision of the Party Committee of CNBM Ltd., would fully support and cooperate with Mr. Liu Yan’s work. The company will implement the deployment and requirements of CNBM Group and CNBM Ltd. with due diligence, perform each task orderly , strive to improve the company's operating performance and development quality, and live up to the care and expectations of CNBM Group and CNBM Ltd..

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