A Special Meeting Convened to Redeploy Epidemic Response and Production Resumption


On February 18, our company held a special meeting to make mobilization, study the current situation and deploy resources regarding the current epidemic response and production resumption. All members of the company's leadership team in Beijing and heads of relevant departments of the headquarter attended the meeting.


Corporate Management and Safety Emergency Department reported the overall situation of epidemic prevention work, and Operation Management Department reported on the impact of COVID-19 outbreak on the production and operation, while Administrative Office reported the basic situation of the headquarter's epidemic response and main containment measures. Other relevant departments reported the progress of various tasks during the outbreak period based on departmental responsibilities.


Mr. Song Shoushun, Board Chairman and Party Secretary of our company, affirmed the actions taken by us to respond the outbreak and the achievements we have made. He pointed out that the headquarter and its subsidiaries have rigorously implemented the requirements of CNBM Group and local governments on the epidemic response and work resumption. On the basis of practical and detailed epidemic prevention, our subsidiaries have resumed work and production in an orderly manner, and positive results have been achieved. At present, the company's internal operation and overall defense line is kept stable and steady, which has laid a solid foundation for the staged victory in epidemic prevention and containment. He further conveyed and highlighted the spirit and requirements of CNBM Group's conference on epidemic prevention and control and resumption of work and production. All departments and subsidiaries were required to carefully study and comprehend, fully implement the spirit of the speech given by CNBM Chairman Zhou Yuxian and General Manager Cao Jianglin. We need to raise our awareness and knowledge about the epidemic, conduct research in a timely way and judge accordingly, and perform each task in detailed and practical manner. Psychological, technical and resources preparations shall be made for defeating tough and protracted battles against the outbreak and responding to complex situations. In strict accordance with CNBM Group's requirements of tight prevention and control and resumption of production, we need to actively carry out overall deployment and response.



Regarding our daily work in the future, Mr. Song Shoushun put forward five points. First, we must have a profound understanding of the severity and complexity of the current epidemic prevention and control, and improve our strategic awareness of epidemic response and resumption of production. Second, we must effectively perform our duties and responsibilities by providing services at the earliest, and further implement and improve the epidemic response and production resumption at all levels and units. Third, it is necessary to strengthen the epidemic prevention in the headquarter, improve the organizational system, step up various anti-epidemic measures, and guide employees to make personal protection. Fourth, we must enhance our ability of sensitiveness, forward-looking and prediction of the situation and policies, and promote various tasks in compliance with relevant polices and regulations based on our thorough understanding of them. Fifth, we must further strengthen party leadership in guiding us in making publicity and monitoring public opinions, and give full play to the role of the party organization as a battle fortress and the vanguard role of party members. He emphasized that all departments and affiliates should take active actions in this special moment, and work together and make concerted efforts to sort out, research and make arrangements for the work across the whole year, thus laying a solid foundation for achieving year end objectives.


In light of work in charge, leaders attending the meeting shared opinions and discussed work ideas and measures to push forward in parallel epidemic prevention and containment and production resumption in this special period.


The meeting was chaired by our President Xia Zhiyun. He further emphasized that we must integrate thoughts and actions in alignment with the spirit and requirements conveyed by CNBM conference. By working down to earth and performing each task in a practical manner, we will strive to minimize the adverse effects of the epidemic, and go all out to maintain the company's production and operation going forward steadily. Thus, “double harvests” of epidemic prevention and containment and production & operation could be achieved. He also raised requirements and made arrangements for work regarding information gathering and reporting.

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